Here a Hive, There a Hive…

hive on hand

Can you see that? It’s a hive in the middle of the palm of my hand! I mean, really?

Really. WTF?

Fellow sufferers, you know what I mean, right? Here I am, sitting in my living room watching the dregs of summer tv and perusing the ‘net, when I start to itch. First it’s on my thigh, high on the inside, and it comes out in two huge hives. Does that happen to you? The itch before the hive? That’s how it goes with me. Then, the palm.

I start the investigation: what did I eat today to cause these hives? The question of why they pop up where they do is one I might never be able to answer; I mean, really, two inner thigh hives and one palm? How does that make ANY sense at all?

Anyway, I go through my day: eggs and a cinnamon roll this morning, yeah, cinnamon is high on the salicylate list, but I don’t think three hives would pop out all of a sudden nine hours later, right?

Then, since I don’t eat lunch (b’fast is kinda late for me), I had a lovely lentil/chicken/carrot concoction I made last night for dinner. It’s so healthy and I think those are all safe, tho maybe not…but again, I didn’t break out right after I ate that.

I did, however, break out about half an hour after having a Root Beer Float.

rbYep, it’s the RB. Damn. Even tho EVERYONE says not to “drink your calories,” it’s what I do. I’d rather drink them than eat them. True story.

Anyway Salicylate Sensitives…this is just one of many mistakes I’ve made recently that have had me pretty hived up all summer!

And the worst part is I don’t cheat eating the healthy stuff (tho I do sometimes, have blue- and strawberries, which I suffer for); for the most part, tho, I’m cheating with wine and soda and hot dogs even. I only have myself to blame.

Ah…now the back of my right shoulder is going…I feel the itch, I feel the big bump under the itch. When–and WHERE–will it end? It’s anyone’s guess.

I look it up: lentils and chicken, negligible. But carrots are moderate.

Root Beer: okay, not on the list, although I know most sodas are. I’m looking it up on and you can, too. It’s tough, at first, to keep it all straight but it gets easier.

Eventually, you’ll learn that almost everything healthy is bad for you and lots of other stuff is, too. If you’re an SS, let me know what’s up with you…I wanna hear what you do, what you don’t do, and how you keep it all together.

Because I am also allergic to aspirin, I live in fear of pain. I’ve been getting headaches and take Tylenol Sinus and Congestion, or something like that, and it works. But Tylenol itself doesn’t work for pain. Have you found something that does?

Let’s work together here…and I’m hoping to hear from Patricia in Ireland. Tell me what you’ve done so far, Patricia, and how you’re faring!! Cheers!


No more PB&J???

Egads. Had myself a gluten-free bagel with peanut butter and strawberry jelly and almost immediately, felt an itchy little hive pop up on my thigh.

HOW do the hives pick where they go?? I mean, I’m pretty sure I didn’t spread any pb on my thigh, so why there? It’s so random, I’m thinking when OH! there’s another one, this time on my chin. Well, that at least makes a little more sense, I’m thinking when OH!! there goes the lip.

yep, here’s my actual lip.

Now, during the last few months, my lips have swollen often. Not in a good way, of course, like free botox. No, usually it’s just one quadrant, if you will. Today, it’s upper left. Sometimes, it travels across the lip but never, ever, to the other lip. Yep, it’s top or bottom for me, never both.

And it always looks like botox gone bad. always.

Right now, on The Doctors, the whole audience is looking at their tongues. If they’re swollen, says Dr. Travis, it’s bad; you could go on to not be able to breathe. But what about this swollen lip, doc?? Huh? You gonna talk about that?

Errrrrr, no. Oh well, I guess I’ll live another day. Swollen, itchy, sleeping ’til noon — avoiding gluten, dairy, peanut butter and citrus (oh yeah, major swelling last time I had grapefruit).

BTW, if you’re wondering what I’m doing about all this, here it is:

Every morning, I take a probiotic: Trener Trio. Throughout the day, I drink water into which I’ve dropped three different Indian herbal things; there are 12 altogether, I rotate each day. At night, I take Triphala for High Pitta (that means hot liver I think). I also have a Liver Clay to put over my liver twice a week to aid in detox. So far, I’ve only done that twice in seven weeks b/c I keep forgetting.

And now, Dr. Oz is talking about Tibetan Monks. Time to go learn from my doc. Oh yeah, and while I’ve written this, the lip has gotten worse. Allergic to blogging? At this point, nothing would surprise me!

got a massage…

…broke out in hives. Which is a big reason I went to the ayervedic doc in the first place. Out of nowhere, I started itching. Then I started seeing the hives. Then my lips started swelling, all willy-nilly; I started a food diary to find out what was causing these allergic reactions but they’re coming every day, no matter what I do. It’s been five months. aaarrrggg.

The doc says that my liver is so hot that it’s reacting to everything and boy, is she right. Well, if she’s right at all. The jury’s still out. But yesterday I got my usual massage, the one that allows me to turn my neck more than 10 degrees to the left and right and wham! Huge welts break out on my neck and upper back. WTH?

could be the massage oils, you say? BUT this is the same therapist I always go to, using the same stuff. I couldn’t sleep for anything what with the itching and the pain (my neck/back is bad; sometimes the after-massage is bad!) So, add massage to things I can’t do without itching! shit.

I’m going to the doc tomorrow…she better have some answers this time, b/c I don’t know how long I can blame my liver for everything. And really, what did I do to make it so mad?????