Here a Hive, There a Hive…

hive on hand

Can you see that? It’s a hive in the middle of the palm of my hand! I mean, really?

Really. WTF?

Fellow sufferers, you know what I mean, right? Here I am, sitting in my living room watching the dregs of summer tv and perusing the ‘net, when I start to itch. First it’s on my thigh, high on the inside, and it comes out in two huge hives. Does that happen to you? The itch before the hive? That’s how it goes with me. Then, the palm.

I start the investigation: what did I eat today to cause these hives? The question of why they pop up where they do is one I might never be able to answer; I mean, really, two inner thigh hives and one palm? How does that make ANY sense at all?

Anyway, I go through my day: eggs and a cinnamon roll this morning, yeah, cinnamon is high on the salicylate list, but I don’t think three hives would pop out all of a sudden nine hours later, right?

Then, since I don’t eat lunch (b’fast is kinda late for me), I had a lovely lentil/chicken/carrot concoction I made last night for dinner. It’s so healthy and I think those are all safe, tho maybe not…but again, I didn’t break out right after I ate that.

I did, however, break out about half an hour after having a Root Beer Float.

rbYep, it’s the RB. Damn. Even tho EVERYONE says not to “drink your calories,” it’s what I do. I’d rather drink them than eat them. True story.

Anyway Salicylate Sensitives…this is just one of many mistakes I’ve made recently that have had me pretty hived up all summer!

And the worst part is I don’t cheat eating the healthy stuff (tho I do sometimes, have blue- and strawberries, which I suffer for); for the most part, tho, I’m cheating with wine and soda and hot dogs even. I only have myself to blame.

Ah…now the back of my right shoulder is going…I feel the itch, I feel the big bump under the itch. When–and WHERE–will it end? It’s anyone’s guess.

I look it up: lentils and chicken, negligible. But carrots are moderate.

Root Beer: okay, not on the list, although I know most sodas are. I’m looking it up on and you can, too. It’s tough, at first, to keep it all straight but it gets easier.

Eventually, you’ll learn that almost everything healthy is bad for you and lots of other stuff is, too. If you’re an SS, let me know what’s up with you…I wanna hear what you do, what you don’t do, and how you keep it all together.

Because I am also allergic to aspirin, I live in fear of pain. I’ve been getting headaches and take Tylenol Sinus and Congestion, or something like that, and it works. But Tylenol itself doesn’t work for pain. Have you found something that does?

Let’s work together here…and I’m hoping to hear from Patricia in Ireland. Tell me what you’ve done so far, Patricia, and how you’re faring!! Cheers!


My Honeydew’s a Cantaloupe!



Imagine my surprise…

I saw on one of the many sites I’ve been looking at to learn about my newly sensitive (itchy, hivey, ouchy, swollen) bod, that melon is one of the only ‘safe’ fruits for the salicylate sensitive, so of course, I went right out and bought one.  Honeydew melon was my Dad’s favorite, so I went with that; cantaloupe can be tricky and I’d just had watermelon on a night when I reacted worse than most nights.

So, I let the melon sit on the counter just long enough so that spot on top was nice and soft, but not too soft. Checking the ripeness is kinda like poking a baby’s head for that soft spot, but I digress.

I get out the ‘good’ knife, slice right through and voila! Orange where it should be honeydew-melon green. I was taken aback, to say the least and a little scared. I mean, what? Do melons have sex? Was this some type of weird hybrid that would make me break out in spots? ORANGE spots?? Hell, I have enough trouble with regular old hives; I do NOT need new, more colorful ones.

Afraid but determined, I seeded, cut and tasted. Hmmmm, honeydew. Or maybe a little cantaloupy, I couldn’t decide. I ate it anyway, orange spots be damned, ’cause it was really, really good. Juicy and perfectly ripened. Delicious.

But still a mystery, until I asked around at Wegman’s today and was shown a sign that had previously not been posted. Apparently, I had gotten a peach fleshed honeydew. Who knew?

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Mystery solved. In retrospect, it was just a funny little afternoon, wondering what magical fruit this be…but I think I’ll stick to my green honeydews. Tradition, I guess.

My research on salicylates has taught me much in these last few weeks, most of which centers on this: I can no longer enjoy fruit, veggies, nuts or seeds without problem. Nor anything with artificial coloring or flavors, like soda and gum. Couple this new, highly restricted diet with my ayervedic doc’s orders to get off gluten and dairy and my allergies to shellfish, peanut butter, yada, yada, yada, and I end up with this:


True story.And the trouble with that?

I’m a vegetarian.