Vegan is NOT Gluten Free…

Sitting here with a stomach ache because I ate some kind of vegan muffin today at the coffee shop which I’m sure contained gluten and two cafe mochas made with milk…I said it was hard!! so I’m thinking, what the hell can I eat? and realizing I have nothing worthy in the ‘frig…

Rice Krispies Gluten Free to the rescue? with almond milk. er, no. I mean, yeah, that’s what I had. But no, it’s not what I wanted. It’s no Honey Bunches, but it’s not bad. The almond milk actually has more calcium than cow’s milk and really, should we be drinking from a cow? You know how disgusting that is? Would you crouch down and udder it if you had to?

I bet not. No difference from the carton tho, really. No person above the age of two has any business drinking juice from another mammal, that’s for sure. Can you imagine breastfeeding a calf? No, b/c why would you, right? So why are we drinking from the calf’s mother?

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So even tho I’m not loving every new food, I do feel better knowing that it’s actually good for me. And if this current stomach ache is any indication, I just may be off dairy forever.