No more PB&J???

Egads. Had myself a gluten-free bagel with peanut butter and strawberry jelly and almost immediately, felt an itchy little hive pop up on my thigh.

HOW do the hives pick where they go?? I mean, I’m pretty sure I didn’t spread any pb on my thigh, so why there? It’s so random, I’m thinking when OH! there’s another one, this time on my chin. Well, that at least makes a little more sense, I’m thinking when OH!! there goes the lip.

yep, here’s my actual lip.

Now, during the last few months, my lips have swollen often. Not in a good way, of course, like free botox. No, usually it’s just one quadrant, if you will. Today, it’s upper left. Sometimes, it travels across the lip but never, ever, to the other lip. Yep, it’s top or bottom for me, never both.

And it always looks like botox gone bad. always.

Right now, on The Doctors, the whole audience is looking at their tongues. If they’re swollen, says Dr. Travis, it’s bad; you could go on to not be able to breathe. But what about this swollen lip, doc?? Huh? You gonna talk about that?

Errrrrr, no. Oh well, I guess I’ll live another day. Swollen, itchy, sleeping ’til noon — avoiding gluten, dairy, peanut butter and citrus (oh yeah, major swelling last time I had grapefruit).

BTW, if you’re wondering what I’m doing about all this, here it is:

Every morning, I take a probiotic: Trener Trio. Throughout the day, I drink water into which I’ve dropped three different Indian herbal things; there are 12 altogether, I rotate each day. At night, I take Triphala for High Pitta (that means hot liver I think). I also have a Liver Clay to put over my liver twice a week to aid in detox. So far, I’ve only done that twice in seven weeks b/c I keep forgetting.

And now, Dr. Oz is talking about Tibetan Monks. Time to go learn from my doc. Oh yeah, and while I’ve written this, the lip has gotten worse. Allergic to blogging? At this point, nothing would surprise me!