No, No Nutella!

(sigh)…It’s taken me awhile — and several jars of my beloved Nutella — to realize


What the What??? as Tina Fey’s daughter would say.  Now, I didn’t get it at first because, as with all allergies, you don’t eat just one thing all day, and you never really know which thing caused the reaction. But tonight it was clear.

I bought some gluten-free lady fingers to dip into my jar…and as I dipped, I got a lot of it on my fingers/hand, but I didn’t care as I just licked it off (I really do love this stuff!). It was only after I put it away and washed my hands that they started to itch…and hive up. Ugh. Another tasty treat bites the dust.

Just WHAT am I supposed to eat for dessert? I thought Nutella would be okay b/c I’m allergic to peanuts, not hazelnuts; or so I thought. Seems Nutella contains peanut oil! AND, they say that if you have a problem with peanuts, it’s a good guess you’ll have trouble with hazelnuts.

Who knew? According to one site, hazelnuts are the worst even! How did I not know that??? Effin tree nuts.

So here I sit, typing with hived-up fingers and palms — and the palms and fingers are the worst for itching. I have to keep stopping to scratch.

Spring is over, for gawd’s sake. So why are these allergies persisting? To I really have a hot, itchy summer to look forward to?

Thank goodness I found a new vodka drink (vodka being the only alcohol I can have). It’s vodka/club soda/

cranberry and lime. Yummy!