got a massage…

…broke out in hives. Which is a big reason I went to the ayervedic doc in the first place. Out of nowhere, I started itching. Then I started seeing the hives. Then my lips started swelling, all willy-nilly; I started a food diary to find out what was causing these allergic reactions but they’re coming every day, no matter what I do. It’s been five months. aaarrrggg.

The doc says that my liver is so hot that it’s reacting to everything and boy, is she right. Well, if she’s right at all. The jury’s still out. But yesterday I got my usual massage, the one that allows me to turn my neck more than 10 degrees to the left and right and wham! Huge welts break out on my neck and upper back. WTH?

could be the massage oils, you say? BUT this is the same therapist I always go to, using the same stuff. I couldn’t sleep for anything what with the itching and the pain (my neck/back is bad; sometimes the after-massage is bad!) So, add massage to things I can’t do without itching! shit.

I’m going to the doc tomorrow…she better have some answers this time, b/c I don’t know how long I can blame my liver for everything. And really, what did I do to make it so mad?????