here a hive, there a hive.

WHAT do you do when you’re standing in line at the DMV and you realize you have some significant hiving right there on your upper, outer thigh?

Seriously. Why there? Why then?

Yes, I’d stopped at McD’s on the way b/c I hadn’t eaten anything and it was already 3 pm, but really? I had to hive up almost immediately? In the Department of Motor Vehicles? oy vei.

Well, what can you do? You scratch. And turn around to the people behind you — a woman and her teenage son, of course — and you explain why it looks like you’re scratching your ass in the DMV line. Repeatedly.

Couldn’t have been an old lady who has problems of her own?

Nope. Teenage boy.

Yet, he was kinda cool about it. Perhaps he’s also breaking out in hives on a daily basis b/c of an as-yet-unknown cause? Nah. Probably just a nice kid. They still exist you know, I have one of my own. But that’s another blogry (blog-story?)

Sigh. I’m crazy sick of this, ya know? Too many hives, too much pain — yes, pain — that makes me wanna call the ER. I looked it up today; sounds like gallbladder attacks. And boy, do they hurt.

So, what exactly IS wrong with me? Who knows? The doc thinks it’s all the hot liver, but I’m not so sure. I mean, I’ve been cleaning up that liver

for almost two months; shouldn’t things be “cooling down” by now?

I am less fatigued though, which was a major issue. Excepting that I’ve been sleeping ’til noon every day I don’t go to work, I do feel better. And worse. oy vei again.

I had coffee for breakfast and I’ll tell you what: if you don’t eat breakfast, you don’t get hungry. I’m not kidding. You might, however, have to make an emergency stop at McD’s for a happy meal which, in turn, MAY make you break out in hives.

But maybe not. Try it and see!