i’m tired…are you?

So hello and welcome to my blog toopoopedtopop. If you are a woman like me, often too tired to: get out of bed, get off the couch, go get milk, answer the phone, brush your teeth or lift a finger to do anything, then you might be toopoopedtopop and benefit from the things I learn on the journey I’m about to take. But first…


Confession #1: Some days, I get out of bed, move down to the couch, and stay there in my pajamas all day. I get up for exactly four reasons: to get more food; to go to the bathroom; to let the dog out; to turn the heat up. then down. then up…

Confession #2: Everything I need is now right next to the couch or actually on the couch. Add a tray table and a Barca Lounger and I’m Archie Bunker.

Confession #3: I do not have a formal job, health insurance or financial security. I do, however, have Showtime; Nurse Jackie is my healthcare provider.

Confession #4: I weigh more than I should (surprise)…and I belong to a gym. They seem to be unrelated as of this time. I cannot get off the couch, how am I supposed to walk the treadmill?

Confession #5: I have gone to a hundred doctors who have ordered a hundred thyroid tests. My thyroid is always fine. I am always tired. They tell me to take

Vitamin D.  It hasn’t helped.Funny Tired Woman : Tired Cartoon Eye Stock Photo

So, today I went to a chiropractor/kinesiologist/ayurvedic practitioner and after a few very suspect tests, she declared me completely out of whack. Apparently, I also have a hot liver. And not in a good way.

My diagnosis complete, she wrote out my instructions:

Cut out gluten and dairy. (uh-oh)

Take these herbal nectar drops and come back in a week, but don’t look for them to work yet, it’ll take a while.

Thank you, that’ll be $413. Have a nice day.

I, of course, immediately came home and ate a bowl of cereal. With milk. Followed by a cafe mocha. With milk. Later, I had leftovers (a no-no apparently, although I won’t find out why until next week) and those leftovers included — you got it– gluten.

But TOMORROW, I’m gonna start my new life. Unless, of course, I don’t sleep well…