My Honeydew’s a Cantaloupe!



Imagine my surprise…

I saw on one of the many sites I’ve been looking at to learn about my newly sensitive (itchy, hivey, ouchy, swollen) bod, that melon is one of the only ‘safe’ fruits for the salicylate sensitive, so of course, I went right out and bought one.  Honeydew melon was my Dad’s favorite, so I went with that; cantaloupe can be tricky and I’d just had watermelon on a night when I reacted worse than most nights.

So, I let the melon sit on the counter just long enough so that spot on top was nice and soft, but not too soft. Checking the ripeness is kinda like poking a baby’s head for that soft spot, but I digress.

I get out the ‘good’ knife, slice right through and voila! Orange where it should be honeydew-melon green. I was taken aback, to say the least and a little scared. I mean, what? Do melons have sex? Was this some type of weird hybrid that would make me break out in spots? ORANGE spots?? Hell, I have enough trouble with regular old hives; I do NOT need new, more colorful ones.

Afraid but determined, I seeded, cut and tasted. Hmmmm, honeydew. Or maybe a little cantaloupy, I couldn’t decide. I ate it anyway, orange spots be damned, ’cause it was really, really good. Juicy and perfectly ripened. Delicious.

But still a mystery, until I asked around at Wegman’s today and was shown a sign that had previously not been posted. Apparently, I had gotten a peach fleshed honeydew. Who knew?

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Mystery solved. In retrospect, it was just a funny little afternoon, wondering what magical fruit this be…but I think I’ll stick to my green honeydews. Tradition, I guess.

My research on salicylates has taught me much in these last few weeks, most of which centers on this: I can no longer enjoy fruit, veggies, nuts or seeds without problem. Nor anything with artificial coloring or flavors, like soda and gum. Couple this new, highly restricted diet with my ayervedic doc’s orders to get off gluten and dairy and my allergies to shellfish, peanut butter, yada, yada, yada, and I end up with this:


True story.And the trouble with that?

I’m a vegetarian.