Bravo Brio!

With a world of allergies and food sensitivities cramping my style, you can imagine how boring going out to dinner can be! Tonight, I went to the Italian restaurant Brio and there was not one dish that didn’t include something on my No-No list!

I also had to find a drink. Since the ONLY alcohol allowed on my ever decreasing list of safe food and drink is vodka, I’ve been searching for a new signature drink. The bartender, cute and smiley, suggested the Basil Pear Fizz. Basil?? Really?? In a drink?? Really??

It’s made with Absolut Pear, Angostura, fresh muddled Basil and fresh lemon juice, served on the rocks. Seven Bucks. Looked good, really refreshing. Like a Mojito (which I also dislike, but which also looks good) >>>>>


But just as we thought, basil does not belong in a drink. End of story.

I ended up with the Flirtation, raspberry vodka, pink and pretty. But that’s not what gets Brio the Bravo! That’s for the new Gluten Free menu they have!

Now, it’s not extensive, but it was significant. Even had a few pasta dishes, which would have been great if I wasn’t currently having an awful lot of trouble with all things tomato! Still, I’m sure many diners will love the new additions and I applaud Brio for offering them.

For me, I went with my staple: salmon. I “unordered” the tomato and potato side dishes, doubled up on the grilled veggies, gave away the peppers.  When you think about it, it was a pretty healthy dinner for anyone, not just someone who is trying not to break out in hives 😉