Gluten-Free and Going-Broke

Alright. Now this whole Organic-healthy-gluten-salicylate-free thing is getting to me. First, for the obvious reasons: I am tired of breaking out in hives every time I eat something I don’t even realize is bad; I can’t keep track of everything that’s in everything; my eye swelled up so badly last week that I stayed in for two days. I mean seriously, it looked like someone punched me in the eye.

But there’s something else that’s making me the only kind of nuts I can eat: walnuts! Every time I go to the store, I spend at least $100 on 3 bags of food. Three. And though I will admit there’s more than healthy food in there, this healthy stuff is expensive!

Take Organic milk, for example: Wegman’s $5.69 a gallon. And I don’t even drink milk! It’s for the kid. I have to buy watery, weird coconut milk and although I previously blogged about it being better for us all, I don’t like it so much. It makes my cafe mochas made with Ghirardelli’s powdered mix taste weird. And I love this stuff. Not healthy but oh so good.

At $6.99, it’s a bargain compared to outside mochas. But with the coconut milk, not so hot. But I digress.

Organic fruit and veggies are, of course, way more expensive than regular, supposedly dirty, filthy, ecoli-laden ones, but that’s okay. I got 2 lbs. of blueberries today for $6.99 but since they are like the ONLY fruit that’s not covered in salicylates (or has them inside, I still can’t understand what these suckers are, actually) I need them. The pound of strawberries I got for my son was only $1.99. Whatever.

My ayervedic doc told me that zucchini is great for the liver, so I got two organic ones today, $3.98. And two sweet potatoes b/c they’re also good for us, $3.58. Organic celery hearts $2.69; Organic spinach/spring greens mix $3.99. A head of regular broccoli was only 69 cents and a big bag of regular green beans was $1.21.

I did find a sort-of bargain today, though. Schar (with two dots over the a), the makers of those yummy cheese bites I mentioned before, has a little package of pretty good hazelnut wafers for $1.99 (1.8 ounces)>>>>>

And Van’s gluten-free apple-cinnamon frozen waffles, which I have yet to try, was only $2.99. I’ll let you know.

So, it’s getting expensive.  And last week, I ate a sandwich (which was a treat in itself) made with Organic Turkey and I broke out like crazy. The salicylate list says all luncheon meats are no-nos, so I guess even organic ones can’t make the grade.

What’s funny is that sometimes I’ll just say the hell with it and eat something shitty and I don’t react at all! Although I have had to give up McDonald’s Mochas; I dont’ know what’s in them, but my lip swells up every time I have one. Took me a loooong time to put two and two together, though.

Thank God I have not yet reacted to my most favorite drink on earth! And if I ever do, I will ignore it. There are some things we just can’t live without >>>


Bravo Brio!

With a world of allergies and food sensitivities cramping my style, you can imagine how boring going out to dinner can be! Tonight, I went to the Italian restaurant Brio and there was not one dish that didn’t include something on my No-No list!

I also had to find a drink. Since the ONLY alcohol allowed on my ever decreasing list of safe food and drink is vodka, I’ve been searching for a new signature drink. The bartender, cute and smiley, suggested the Basil Pear Fizz. Basil?? Really?? In a drink?? Really??

It’s made with Absolut Pear, Angostura, fresh muddled Basil and fresh lemon juice, served on the rocks. Seven Bucks. Looked good, really refreshing. Like a Mojito (which I also dislike, but which also looks good) >>>>>


But just as we thought, basil does not belong in a drink. End of story.

I ended up with the Flirtation, raspberry vodka, pink and pretty. But that’s not what gets Brio the Bravo! That’s for the new Gluten Free menu they have!

Now, it’s not extensive, but it was significant. Even had a few pasta dishes, which would have been great if I wasn’t currently having an awful lot of trouble with all things tomato! Still, I’m sure many diners will love the new additions and I applaud Brio for offering them.

For me, I went with my staple: salmon. I “unordered” the tomato and potato side dishes, doubled up on the grilled veggies, gave away the peppers.  When you think about it, it was a pretty healthy dinner for anyone, not just someone who is trying not to break out in hives 😉

Six Weeks Later…

So, I wrote my first blog and promptly forgot where it was, what the name of it was, etc. Apparently, I bought a website, or something like that…I’m pretty sure word press tricked me into it as I wasn’t aware of it. It took a meeting with a local writing group for me to find it, thanks @getoutgirl and @Monsura!  Now here I am with six weeks of mostly gluten-free and nearly dairy-free eating under my belt.  And I’m happy to say that I do feel better. Not great, but better.

According to my doc,  my liver is full of toxins. How? Why me? Who knows. I’m a pretty healthy eater; I don’t do fast food, I hardly eat any meat, I’m not a big drinker or druggie. I do live on cafe mochas, but how bad could they be? (don’t answer that).  According to her, any medicine I’ve ever taken could have started this toxic liver thing. But she’s not concerned with how, b/c most people she sees are toxic. She’s just about cooling things down, liver-wise, and getting us healthy. At this point, the “why” is not important.

Except I can’t help the “why me?” wondering. It’s just not fair. pout. sad face. aaaaaaaaaaaaFunny Tired Woman : Sad Cartoon Eyesrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg.

I saw another ayervedic doc on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz is my personal physician, even tho he never sees me, I only see him. But with no healthcare plan, I’m kinda on my own and I think the guy’s really smart. And this doc said the same thing as my doc: get off the gluten and dairy. Seems as if those two things are tough on the liver and if you’re having any trouble with food allergies or sensitivities, they should be the first things to go. And so they did.

Kind of. Because it’s not easy to stay off both. No bread, no baked goods of any kind, no regular cereal, no nothin’ good. Okay, I actually can do that. No milk, no ice cream, no whipped cream (my favorite food on earth), no cheese…wait. No cheese? Now that’s tough.

Three years ago I read the book “Skinny Bitch” and immediately went off meat. And diary, too. I stayed off meat, but could not stay off cheese. I mean, really, if you’re not eating meat, you almost have to eat cheese. Try it, you’ll see.

File:SkinnyBitch cover.jpg

And because the getting-off-dairy thing at that time was mostly due to the “ick” factor, I did what we all do; I ignored what I knew and ate the cheese. But now that I know it may be responsible for many of my stomach problems, I’m trying to do without. And I’ll tell you, it ain’t easy. I really like cheese. And whipped cream. And anything with cheese melted — or whipped cream plopped — on top.

But, I’m trying to be good, so I get Rice Dreams and almond milk and deal with it. And sneak cheese and whipped cream and butter and cafe mochas, but not all on the same day.

The good news is that there are many gluten-free goodies on the shelves these days and I can already recommend two: Schar Cheesebites and Pamelas products chocolate chip cookies which are gluten, wheat and dairy free. Not the dark chocolate chocolate chunk ones, they’re gritty. The cheese bites are for the soup, which I’ll get into next time.

For now, try getting off the bread. You just may see a difference 😉Ahaha