so this is interesting…

…this morning I didn’t have time for breakfast b/c I had to check my email, facebook and twitter accounts. So I had some grapes and got ready to go. On the way to my “job,” I stopped at McD’s and got a large cafe mocha– or mocha, as they call it. Once a Starbucks girl…

Anyway, that was all I had until 3:30 and guess what? I wasn’t even really hungry. And that’s not the first time it’s happened since I got off gluten. Could it be the lack of — dadadaaaaaaaa–carbs?

Yep, that’s what we’ve been told and that’s what I’m finding out for myself. Now, it doesn’t work every day and I’m still trying to figure out why I am so famished on some days and not even hungry on others. I’m pretty much menopausal, so it’s not hormones, or maybe it still is. Who knows? All I know is that when I eat breakfast I’m hungrier the whole day and when I don’t, I’m not.

So there you go. Getting off gluten means, basically, getting off carbs. And if getting off carbs means I’m less hungry, then that means I may — just may — eat less and THAT means maybe, just maybe, I’ll start to lose weight. Imagine that.

oooh. I’m so excited. Now what can I eat to celebrate???