hello…I’m an award-winning author (my friend Laurie made me say that) and a divorced mom of one who recently went through the worst time of my life. And I am exhausted. But I have been tired most of my adult life and I’m tired of it! So today, March 1, I decided to try something new…a new approach to getting my body fitter rather than fatter; energized rather than fatigued; righted, rather than out of whack. And I’m inviting you to take the journey with me, to see if it works and could work for you. I’ve tried before and failed. Here’s hoping that the $413 I spent today wasn’t a waste!

Added June 12, 2012: So, after going to that Ayervedic Doc, I went to an allergist and the blog became more about food sensitivities than exhaustion, but they go hand in hand. So now it’s about gluten-free, most of the foods I love-free!! I try to suggest foods I’ve found that are good, offer up ideas on what may be making YOU tired or itchy or swollen, and will I’m sure digress here and there. Enjoy and thanks for reading 😉


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  1. Antonia Connor
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 18:10:29

    Dear Patti,
    A couple of things I want to share with you……..I too am tired ALL the time. I have had my thyroid tested and my regular Dr. And by that I mean my ob/gyn, the only Dr. I have any history with (27yrs. And counting) said it was the worst he has ever seen and doesn’t know how I get out of bed in the morning. It was a 19. On top of that I have no vit. D in my system yep I was at a zero or very close to it. Yeah I know what’s wrong, now we can fix it and I will feel better right? Fast forward a year and my thyroid is getting better I am now an 11 and the vit d is almost normal sometimes and I am still tired…..all the time. The reason you are hungry on days that you eat breakfast is that the breakfast is jump starting your matabolisum(sp?).
    When you eat it turns on and then wants more food. The more food you burn the better for you. I too Never get hungry. This is really bad. I can’t loose weight for love or money. If I eat 500 calories or 3000. I don’t gain but I can’t loose. Try being 5 ft. tall and a size 14. Not pretty. One last thing you say your thyroid test come back normal are you being tested in the sme place each time? I ask because there is one lab in my area that always testers me wrong. It took a few times for us to figure it out but it does happen.


    • toopoopedtopop
      Jun 05, 2012 @ 22:07:30

      Hey Toni…yeah, not losing weight here either, and believe me, my eating has changed drastically. Have you read my posts??? I think it’s a combination of liver problems and allergies, set off by the trauma of my Dad’s illness and passing. I told my uncle, too , b/c he’s having some issues. How are you besides this??? and when are u coming to NYC?


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